Our mission

Welfare Lelystad aims towards all the inhabitants of the city and commits to strengthening the involvement of the people in our society. After all, active participation in society should be available to everyone. This is made possible through the many activities which are often organised by our inhabitants themselves, but we also offer professional guidance and, if necessary, call for the help of proper assistance.

Welfare Lelystad connects peoole. We bring people who need an extra push in contact with people who are glad to help out where they can. Our goal is to strengthen the involvement between inhabitants, which creates a resilient society. A society in which everybody participates.

Of course, we cannot do this alone. Local networks and services help us with this. Welfare Lelystad is everywhere in the city. We know the people, the different parts of the city and the neighbourhoods. We know the way through the city and we discover new paths. Cooperation and alignments with other partners in the chain of healthcare and welfare is of the greatest importance. Here also counts the strength of connecting and strengthening.